Canon Arizona printers together with EngView Package Designer offer optimum print quality and versatility in packaging.


EngView Package & Display Designer

By using the EngView software, packaging professionals can create innovative, reusable and sustainable packaging and then print them on the Arizona wide-format printing machines. Designers can use EngView’s smart drafting technology or choose among 2,000 structure-proved templates that they can resize and modify in a matter of seconds to create fit-for-purpose packaging that at once protects and complements the product. A realistic 3D model helps visually inspect the graphics and the finishing effects.

Interactive 3D Models

Packaging Design Process

The EngView CAD/CAM software optimizes every aspect of the packaging design and preproduction workflow. It provides a wide range of tools that speed up and automate the day-to day jobs of structural designers, graphic designers, diemakers and sales people involved in the creation, communication, and production of packaging.

The software is integrated with Adobe® Illustrator®, helping professionals visualize the 3D model of the packaging with the product inside and apply graphics to the structure. With the new Step and Repeat functionality, which multiplies the one-up design over the layout directly in Illustrator®, designers can generate production files with high-resolution images.

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