The Layout Optimizer module is a base for the production. It allows users of the EngView’s packaging software to place one-up designs onto the sheet. It also gives them statistical information about the waste area  - a critically important production factor which is displayed immediately allowing the comparison between alternative solutions.

Layout can be created according to a predefined template or manually - to address complex or non-typical arrays. EngView’s CAD calculates a number of possible options thus guiding the packaging production flow in a smart way and reducing its cost.


Sheet Layout Presentation

Features & Benefits

  • Wizard which arranges the one-up designs in array (in columns and rows).
  • Predefined templates for faster creation of the layout.
  • Sheet optimization for minimum waste.
  • Better presentation of the statistical information (number of parts, area and waste area) in a table.
  • Creation of custom sheet sizes for more flexibility.
  • New user-created templates are added to the system-predefined ones and can be re-applied onto different sheets.
  • Automatic wizard for layout generation and analysis.
  • Semi-automatic modes for easy arrangement of different one-ups on a single sheet.
  • Production analysis in table view.

Included in Bundles