Optimize your production run with single-sheet nesting and fit two or more one-ups in one sheet. As you are working, the program shows statistics for each part and suggests sheet optimizations based on the quantities you want for each one-up.

Further layout optimization features include edge detection and swap functionalities. Edge detection lets you insert new parts to the generated layout while the program takes care that graphics stay within their designated areas and do not overlap. A swap functionality switches the places of two groups of one-ups without producing conflicts.

Single-sheet Nesting Presentation

Features & Benefits

  • Fit more than two one-ups in a single sheet or choose choose variants of the design to be printed
  • Optimize digital and offset production runs
  • See statistics of one-ups quantities, number of sheets and excess
  • The software suggests how to optimize the production run by adding more more or less parts of a certain one-up in order to reduce the number of sheets

Included in Bundles