Easter Packaging Ideas

To make Easter a little bit more colourful, we would like to share with you our packaging and decoration ideas for the holiday. All designs are created with EngView Packaging Suite.

Egg Holders

Egg holders in different shapes and colours to decorate your table for Easter.

Egg Holders.ai



Egg holders

Easter Stand

The perfect way to display your coloured eggs. This fixed size 3-shelf stand is designed for foamboard but it can also be cut frоm corrugated board.

Egg Stand.ai




Easter egg stand

Corrugated Egg Box

A six pack of farm eggs can safe the day! Here is our suggeston for a parametric desing of an egg box.




Farmers eggs box

Easter Bunnies

How many bunnies do you see? Make yourself some home or office decoration for the holiday. Ask your kids to colour the bunnies. You can cut them from foamboard, corrugated board or even from carton and hang them on the walls. Have fun!



Easter bunnies

Easter Tray

Let the egg hunt begin! Here is a parametric template with a lid that folds into a rabbit. You can play with the design and add some interesting graphics of your own.




Easter tray

Easter egg boxes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use EngView to edit the designs ?

Yes, all designs can be edited in EngView Packaging Suite.

I don't have EngView, can I use other software?

Yes, there is a pdf file with the 2D structure to every design.

How can I buy your software or send an inquiry?