EngView packaging software now available as a subscription

EngView packaging software now available as a subscription

One year into the pandemic we can agree that the Covid-19 has changed how we live and how we do business. We have seen the disruption it has caused in many sectors of the economy, even in packaging. The instability of the market has caused some businesses to go out of work but has also presented opportunities for others to grow like in delivery and pharmaceutical packaging.

To meet the uncertainty of the situation and the fluctuating demand, producers have to be flexible. And so do we. EngView has helped with the transition to home office by providing additional online licenses to its customers. Now we want to help more businesses have access to our software by offering the EngView Package & Display Designer as a subscription.

No big investment

With no substantial upfront payment more companies can afford to use a professional software for structural design, 3D visualization and preproduction of packaging. Producers can quickly scale their design capabilities when they get more orders and vice-versa: they can quickly reduce their subscription licenses when demand falls. The subscription model gives them that flexibility.

Always use the latest software

What’s more is that our customers will always use the latest software and be up-to-date with the technological advances that our software offers. This will give them a competitive edge in a highly competitive market.

Subscription Plans

There are three plans prepared specifically for companies that cover part or the whole workflow of design and production of packaging and display such as marketing agencies, printing houses and packaging companies, and diemakers.  

The ART plan is the easy choice for graphic designers without experience with specialized CAD software. The integration of the EngView software with Adobe Illustrator allows artists to create stunning designs using the resizable templates from EngView’s packaging and display libraries and Adobe’s powerful design tools.

The STANDARD plan is suitable for structural designers of boxes and displays.  They can edit the designs from the EngView libraries or create their own standads with the conventional drafting approach or by drag-and-drop of parametric components. Through the integration with Adobe Illustrator packaging professionals can not only apply graphics over the 3D structure but also prepare layout and generate files for production. 

The PROFESSIONAL plan is best for packaging producers that cover the whole scenario of the design and preparation for production of packaging and displays. They have the capabilities to create their own parametric components and designs and enrich their libraries. Also, they can prepare cost estimations, job cards and manage their orders with the Project Organizer module.

You can learn more about EngView subscription plans here –

The different plans are prepared to serve the specific needs of groups of customers. However, if you are interested in another configuration of the software you can always contact us at to discuss your specific business case.

With the subscription plans we are giving flexibility to our customers to grow and expand despite the current situation.  For those customers that prefer to work with a perpetual license we will keep offering the software as a one-time purchase.