Case Study: Integration of EngView Package & Display Designer in Hager Papprint GmbH Packaging Production Workflow

Case Study: Integration of EngView Package & Display Designer in Hager Papprint GmbH Packaging Production Workflow

Hager Papprint GmbH is a company that offers customized development and production of folding boxes, displays and other packaging made of solid and corrugated cardboard, as well as displays and special constructions made of wood, plastic or metal composite material. They are perceived in the market as a reliable and competent partner even for time-critical projects.

The Challenge

The software they had been using for 15 years, was not designed for display creation. With the increased workload they had, and more display orders, using this software was very time consuming and inefficient. One of the main issues was that they couldn't consolidate multiple display pieces into one project.

The Need

Hager Papprint were in search of a software to make their work faster, easier, and more efficient.

The Research

Before they decided to use EngView, they conducted a comprehensive evaluation of other available software solutions. They considered various features, customizability, integration capabilities, ease of use, and cost.

The Decision

Hager Papprint chose EngView because: "It best met our needs and provided a robust and reliable solution for our packaging and display designs. We were impressed with the comprehensive features, ease of use, and the ability to easily link EngView to other systems and tools."

"With the EngView Suite, we have a powerful tool that helps us to implement every project with maximum precision and efficiency. EngView's integration capabilities and continuous development have helped us save time and resources. We are convinced of the user-friendliness and the power of EngView Suite and can highly recommend it.", says Matthias Koehler, Packaging Development at Hager Papprint GmbH.

The features from EngView Package & Display Designer that made an impact on the decision-making are:

  • Project Organizer helps clients to organize their projects in a perfect way.
  • EngView Parametric Library helps to quickly and easily customize display designs to the desired A x W x H dimensions, which increases the flexibility of their workflow.
  • The datasheets in EngView are clearly laid out and can be customized to specific requirements, which helps to display all relevant information.
  • The Synergy feature in EngView helps to quickly and easily drag and drop packaging and display designs, which increases the efficiency and speed of the packaging production workflow.

First In-use Results After EngView Packaging Software Implementation

Thanks to adapted interfaces in development, documentation and production on the plotter, Hager Papprint have been able to automate many processes and focus better on packaging development.

Thanks to an extensive template database and numerous Synergy components, Hager Papprint are able to create amazing, specialized and complex packaging and displays.

Hager Papprint are very satisfied with the support and further development. Many features they suggested were implemented and customized for them.

With Engview they were able to improve their workflow and free themselves from the constraints they had had with their previous methods and tools.