What's new in 2023 release

The new EngView Package & Display Designer Suite 2023 brings an array of exciting new features and functionalities!

You can now have visualization of conical objects, easier set of angles, improved 3D modeling and presentation and more. Оf course, we have enriched our packaging library with new parametric structures and components to better utilize the conical shape visualization enhancements.

With the release of EngView Packaging Suite 2023, designers and professionals in the packaging and display industry can look forward to a more intuitive and powerful software experience.

Folding Panels into Cones and Cylinders

Now, you can fold panels along curves, enabling the design of conical and cylindrical surfaces. By preparing the design in 2D and setting the folding in the 3D drawing, you can create single-piece products like bottleneck labels, coffee cups, and party hats, or elements of multi-part structures.

Cone Flowers.png  720x392 Q85 Subsampling 2

Enhanced Folding Angle Slider

The folding angle slider has been improved for better usability. It now provides more detailed information about the folding angle and allows for more precise adjustment.

Slider.png  720x394 Q85 Subsampling 2

As-you-go Indication of User-Facing Side

The View Side button on the 3D toolbar serves a dual purpose now. In addition to positioning a panel facing the user, it dynamically indicates the panel that is currently facing you as you rotate the model, providing visual guidance.

Combined Solid and Wireframe View

The new Solid Wired mode enables you to observe 3D models in combined solid and wireframe view. This mode emphasizes the model's edges, offering a clearer understanding of its structure.

Isometric View without Perspective Effect

A new viewing mode called Isometric View removes the perspective effect and presents 3D models in a flat, simplified state.

The EngView Packaging Library has been enriched with new designs and structures, expanding the possibilities for conical package design.

Precise Drafting with Construction Grids

Constructing grids on objects enhances drafting precision. These grids serve as distance markers, allowing you to draft objects at exact distances with improved accuracy.

Grid Arc.png  720x393 Q85 Subsampling 2

Black-and-White View for Snapshots

You can now set the view of black-and-white snapshots used in print drawings. Adjusting the settings in the 3D module enables you to customize the appearance of these snapshots, which are limited to the 3D area of print drawings.

Cone Flowers Print Solid B W.png  720x387 Q85 Subsampling 2

Fixed-Ratio Scaling of Print Parts

In addition to scaling groups of parts based on the larger part, a new technique allows you to apply a specific scaling ratio, such as 1:10 or 1:5, to the print parts you desire. This precise scaling offers more flexibility and control over your print designs.

Frames Scale Group.png  720x488 Q85 Subsampling 2

Want to learn more?

Get in touch with your local reseller to have a full demonstration of the new features and improvements of the EngView Packaging Suite 2023 release. You can also register for a free 10-day trial of the new 2023 release to test on your own.