Why a "You don't have a valid license" error message appears?

You don't have a valid license for this product or the hardware protection is missing.

  1. The license doesn’t correspond to the dongle.
  2. The license was temporary and it has already expired.
  3. There is a technical failure in the dongle.

For more information, please contact the EngView’s Support Team.

How to share Package Designer’s general and Standards Library settings on a network?

Sharing these settings can come in three situations:

  • Sharing the settings on a network that has no Package Designer installations. The sharing is done along with the installations.
  • Sharing the settings of individual Package Designer installations whose settings are not shared.
  • Adding a new Package Designer installation to a network that already has the settings shared.

Please go to the Downloads section and download the Shared Settings Management document. It contains detailed procedures that address each situation.

For more information, please contact the EngView Support Team.

How to change the logo in a 3D PDF?

1. Open the 3D drawing that you need to export as a PDF.

2. On the File menu, click Export.

3. In the dialog box that appears, click To File. The Export dialog box appears.

4. In File of type, select Portable Document Format.

4. Click More.

The PDF Export Options dialog box appears.

5. In Template, select how the logo is to appear in the document: for landscape positioning, select landscapeLogo; for portrait positioning, select portraitLogo.

6. In Logo, browse and select the image that you need for the logo, and then click OK.

7. To complete the procedure, in the Export dialog box, click OK.


* The selected image is scaled proportionally to fit the available space in the document.
* Logos appear best if their width-to-height ratio is 3:1 and their size is no less than 6 cm to 2 cm. If the PDF document is meant for printing, the recommended image quality (set in Artwork quality) for logos is 300 DPI or more.

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