3D Model Creation in Adobe® Illustrator®

Art3D seamlessly integrates into Adobe® Illustrator®, enhancing the design process with a real-time 3D visualization.  Graphic designers can open any vector file in Illustrator and have a real-time 3D model of the packaging or display during the whole design process. If additional aesthetics are applied, like embossing or other finishing effects, they will be seen on the 3D as well.

Choice of thousands of ready templates

With Art3D, you no longer need to start your designs from scratch. Instead, you can browse the EngView Library. It contains over 2500 parametric boxes and POP/POS displays from sheet materials, including ECMA, FEFCO and much more. Designers can browse through material type or use the keyword search option to look for a desired structure. All structures are ready to be used, or can be resized online if necessary. The integration with Adobe® Illustrator® allows any template from the EngView Library to be opened directly in Adobe® Illustrator® with a single click.

Customer approval is quick and easy with EngView Shared Space

During any step of the design process, the 3D model of the structure can be shared with the client through a web browser. EngView Shared Space is an online platform that facilitates the communication between the designer and the client. It also removes the need for physical samples and shortens the approval process. Clients can view the 3D model with the graphics and finishing effects as well as see the animation of the assembly and folding sequence. The Augmented Reality (AR) feature allows the 3D to be viewed in a real environment via a mobile phone or tablet. Uploading the 3D model on EngView Shared Space happens quickly and allows designers to communicate with team members or clients through the browser - set project statuses and leave comments. 

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