Packaging matters

Packaging matters

In the spirit of the coming holidays, we tend to get excited at first and then a little anxious about the tons of presents we have to carefully prepare. Shopping is fun for some people and not so much for others. When it comes to family and our loved ones, we want to find the perfect gift, we spend hours online searching for the right present, comparing features and prices. But we rarely if ever think about the packaging. It always comes last minutes, we try to salvage some old wrapping or reuse the laptop box we forgot to throw out. Best-case scenario is we pay someone else to make it for us, so it costs us additional money and we promise ourselves we will never do that again.

As we agree that packaging matters, here are some ideas of how to make the perfect packaging for the Christmas presents. We like to use natural, recyclable decorations like pinecones, pine tree branches, dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks - all the smells and tastes that remind us of Christmas Eve and family comfort.

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