EngView offers starter packages for new businesses

EngView offers starter packages for new businesses

Dear customers and packaging entrepreneurs,

We understand that businesses of all sectors are facing challenges, some more difficult than others, but we believe that we can adapt our services and products to be more efficient and come out of this situation stronger. We know we can help your business be more flexible and take advantage of the situation.

So here is our offer:

For entrepreneurs who see an opportunity in every situation and want to adapt their current production capabilities to make boxes and displays, EngView is your partner. We have developed starter packages for new businesses to ease their way into using the EngView CAD software and start making money with it.

Also our current customers can take advantage of extremely good prices for upgrading their packaging software to the latest version. We see the benefits of all the new features we have been developing, and we want to help customers with previous versions be even more efficient and save more time in their day-to-day jobs. Features like multiplying the design over the layout with a single click, 3D visualizations of variants, and sharing a design with a client over a browser are just a few of the many new functionalities we’ve been working on in the last months and years.

We believe this is the time to think of innovation and explore new applications and tools that will optimize your business and give you more opportunities for improvement and diversification. Get in touch with your local reseller and get started!

Stay healthy,

Boriana Stoimenova,

Head of Packaging Division

EngView Systems