EngView at packEXPO Connects

EngView at packEXPO Connects

Packaging events has turned online for understandable reasons. Despite the loss of personal contact we believe that these events are important to the packaging professionals to look for technical solutions, innovation and new ideas.

This week EngView will be part of packEXPO Connects. Online visitors can go to our showpage and start a conversation with an experienced team member with full understanding of the packaging industry and of the challenges that designers and producers of boxes face on a daily basis. Visitors can schedule a demo or just chat with our team to learn more about the EngView Packaging Suite.

All participants in the event will receive a free 1 month trial of the Standard Bundle comprising of the two libraries of resizable designs for boxes and displays; drafting features; 3D visualization; the Integration with Adobe Illustrator for graphic designers to apply artwork over the dieline and simultaneously see the box in 3D; and the layout and nesting modules for generating files for production.