Varnish Blanket Design


This module enables users of EngView’s packaging software to take advantage of the automatic generation of rubber varnish blankets for plotter cutouts.

When one-up varnish areas overlap in the layout the software merges them before generating the blankets.  

Varnish Blanket Design Presentation

Recursos e benefícios

  • Varnish layer for access to the objects that form the varnish contour.

  • Defining of glue and varnish areas for precise blanket design.

  • Generation of a varnish layout area in a separate layer.

  • Automatic merge of the overlapped zones and resolve of the conflicts.

  • Generation of scaled Layout Blanket according to the thickness of the rubber and the diameter of the drum.


  • Creating a varnishing area

  • Preview of layout varnish area

  • Preview of varnish blanket area

  • Toolpath of the varnish blanket