• A Re-Design Project By The Students From Banja Luka University Using EngView Package & Display Designer

    A Re-Design Project By The Students From Banja Luka University Using EngView Package & Display Designer

    Students from the Faculty of Technology, University of Banja Luka worked on a very exciting project last semester. Their task was to re-design the whole portfolio of TipTop Office, an office supplier brand in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can see the creativity and personal approach in every new design! Each packaging was created using the EngView Package & Display Designer and its integration with Adobe Illustrator. The students put a lot of efforts to re-design the products going through the workflow step by step – from structural and graphic design to layout nesting. We feel accomplished every time we see students in action using the EngView packaging software. Our mission is to give students around the world access to advanced packaging software during their study and give them a great start for their future professional development. Thank you for sharing these designs with us! We can't wait to see what's next!   This is the team behind the project:Professor: Mladen Stančić, PhD, Head of Department of Graphic EngineeringAssistant: Branka Ružičić, BSc Students: Nikola PetrovićSiniša ZorićEmilija IgnjatićAleksa KasalovićTeodora MutićDajana Šarenac Ana Marinković Nikolina Glišić Nikolina Škrba Nemanja SlatinacDanica SpasojevićSnjezana DeronjićElena GlisićJelena NikolićZorica MilakovićMiloš PerišićIgor Nikolić
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  • EngView Joins Forces with VISO, the Largest Graphic School in Belgium

    EngView Joins Forces with VISO, the Largest Graphic School in Belgium

    We are thrilled to welcome another partner joining us on our journey of shaping the future of packaging designers! EngView has joined forces with VISO, one of the largest graphic schools in Belgium, to provide an enriching educational experience for packaging designers. VISO, renowned for its commitment to nurturing talent and inspiring young minds, believes that education goes beyond textbooks, aiming to foster curiosity, creativity, and a profound understanding of modern technology among its students. EngView is proud to be a part of this educational journey, contributing with cutting-edge packaging software, the EngView Package & Display Designer, to empower students with the latest technological trends in the field. We firmly believe that integrating our software into their curriculum will enhance the students' professional skills, preparing them for successful careers in the packaging industry. At the core of EngView System's mission has always been a dedication to bringing innovation in the packaging industry. Through collaborations like this one with VISO, we continue to invest in the future of graphic designers. By equipping educational institutions with state-of-the-art software tools, we ensure that students have the best resources to learn, grow, and ultimately lead the industry forward. This partnership is another step in our commitment to education and the packaging industry's evolution. It is our belief that through education and collaboration, we can inspire the next generation of packaging designers to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, ultimately shaping the future of packaging design. With EngView's support, VISO students will have access to a versatile and powerful packaging software solution that will enable them to explore their creative potential, design packaging solutions that are both functional and visually appealing, and develop the skills required to excel in the competitive world of packaging design. We are excited about the possibilities that this collaboration will unlock, and we look forward to witnessing the impressive designs and innovations that will emerge from the talented students at VISO. 
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  • EngView Partners with University in Istanbul to Equip Future Designers with Advanced Packaging Software

    EngView Partners with University in Istanbul to Equip Future Designers with Advanced Packaging Software

    EngView Systems partners with Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University (FSMVU), one of Turkey’s leading institutions in higher education. This collaboration signifies a shared vision of fostering innovation and skill development in the field of design and graphics. EngView Systems is committed to enriching the educational landscape by providing EngView Package & Display Designer software to academic institutions. This is part of a longstanding policy to support educational programs and facilitate the development of adept professionals in the packaging sector. With more than 7,000 students, FSMVU offers a diverse range of programs, including graphic design, across its 8 faculties. The university boasts a significant number of international students from 67 countries, reflecting its global and modern outlook and commitment to cultural diversity.  The collaboration ensures that students of FSMVU will now have access to one of the industry’s best software solutions for packaging design, aligning their learning experience with the latest technological advancements in the sector. The EngView Package & Display Designer will become an integral tool in nurturing the next generation of designers, equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel in an increasingly competitive market. Through EngView Packaging Suite the students at FSMVU will study packaging design and will have the chance to engage in practical, real-world project simulations. It is a significant addition to FSMVU’s already impressive resources, which include a library of over 100 thousand books, 318 thousand electronic books, and dozens of database facilities. EngView System's mission has always been to foster the next wave of innovation in the packaging industry. By equipping institutions like Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University with a modern software, EngView Systems invests in the future of design and ensures that students have the best tools at their disposal to learn, grow, and eventually lead the industry.
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  • Zagreb Design Week and EngView Packaging Suite Inspired Creativity in the Students from the Faculty of Graphic Arts

    Zagreb Design Week and EngView Packaging Suite Inspired Creativity in the Students from the Faculty of Graphic Arts

    Is it possible for Artificial Intelligence, lacking human emotions, to still evoke empathy?    Can a machine recognize the depth of human experience and convey it to us?   Does it really matter to us who the author is - a human or a machine?     The topic of Artificial Intelligence at the same time excites and worries many of us.   Experts say the rise of artificial intelligence will make most people better off over the next decade, but many have concerns about how advances in AI will affect what it means to be human, to be productive and to exercise free will.   The students from the Faculty of Graphic Arts from the University of Zagreb point our attention towards human emotions and AI. They participated in the 10th edition of Zagreb Design Week in September, an exhibition of faculties and schools. For a decade, the biggest design event in Croatia, presents all forms of design, from product design and visual communications, through fashion to food design.   The exhibition of the students from the Faculty of Graphic Arts show the nature of emotions, creativity, and the essence of human creation. The displayed student works guide us through reflections on the relationship between technology, art, and design. On the picture you see the work of:Toni Dominović: Redesign of Podravka Cubes packagingDorotea Maretić: Redesign of Tabasco packagingLeon Ginder: Redesign of soap packagingMia Šaban: Redesign of Fenistil packaging The posters showcase redesigns of packaging created as part of the course "Realization of Conceptual Solutions 2" in the graduate program at the University of Zagreb's Faculty of Graphic Arts. The students redesigned the original packaging within the course. Subsequently, they used various AI models to generate new elements that were incorporated into the new design version. The packaging was designed using the EngView Packaging Suite. Course Leader: Prof. Dr. Maja Brozović Mentor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Josip Bota   This exhibition doesn't provide definitive answers and opinion pro or against AI, but encourages thinking and discussion on these topics.   The aim is to show that, although technology provides new ways of expression, human creativity remains irreplaceable and unique. Ultimately, the exhibition reflects how tradition and innovation can coexist, enriching the world of graphic design and offering new perspectives and possibilities.   Do you know that in EngView we have been using Artificial Intelligence since 1999?   Artificial Intelligence is actually integrated in our variational parametric CAD. EngView Package & Display Designer is a great example of combining technology and human knowledge.   EngView partners with Design & Graphics Institutions   Many students around the world are using EngView Package & Display Designer in their classes. They have the opportunity to work with professional and modern packaging design software during their years of study and be fully prepared for their first job.  Our mission is to encourage learning and give the students the needed tools to help them express their creativity easier, work with realistic structures and prepare for their upcoming professional careers.   More info about Zagreb Design Week:
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