• EngView 2023 with New Updates Focused on 3D Design Usability

    EngView 2023 with New Updates Focused on 3D Design Usability

    The latest update of EngView Package & Display Designer 2023 is now live! It focuses significantly on enhancing the 3D modeling experience for structural designers by improving usability and efficiency. The new features give designers more control over the 3D assembly of complex structures like POP/POS displays, furniture, booth stands, luxury boxes and other multi-part designs. Here is a breakdown of the exciting features and how they can impact the workflow positively:  Visually build multipart displays and structures Designers can now benefit from a new type of drawing – a reference drawing that will not appear in the production files but will help with the 3D visualization of a structure.  The reference drawings will save structural designers time bypassing the need for complex formulas when building muti-part structures like POP/POS displays. Multipart structures can be easily visualized with EngView’s advanced realistic 3D visualization showing the full folding animation. Quick transition between 3D and 2D Another feature to optimize the work of structural designers is the quick transition from each part of the 3D mockup to the corresponding flat drawing.  This usability feature helps designers stay focused on the work at hand. Conditional presence of external objects and parts of a display The 3D model presentation is now even more impressive as the designer can control the animation by setting conditions for the visibility of each part of the structure or an external object. Enhanced 3D Assembly view The new assembly interface gives an overall view of the parts and how they move and fit into the display. This helps structural designers create the 3D mockups faster and more intuitively.   Enhanced collaboration and approval features for EngView Shared Space Sending the 3D design to customers or colleagues for approval has never been easier. Designers can upload a ready 3D model on EngView Shared Space and send it to the customer in just a couple of clicks. Then receive “viewed” notifications, project status changes or customer comments right there in Shares Space. This allows anyone with a link to see the realistic 3D design in their Web browser with graphics, finishing effects, as well as the folding or assembly animation.  The best part is no special software or license is needed for the recipients.
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  • EngView Compatibility Update for Adobe Illustrator 27.6.1

    EngView Compatibility Update for Adobe Illustrator 27.6.1

    We are excited to share that we have just released a compatibility update for the new Adobe Illustrator 2023, build 27.6.1. If you are using the newest Illustrator, you can now download the latest update of EngView Packaging Suite from our website - The compatibility update is available for both Mac and PC versions. 
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  • EngView and CUTWORX USA partner to deliver an end-to-end solution for packaging and display producers

    EngView and CUTWORX USA partner to deliver an end-to-end solution for packaging and display producers

    We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between EngView and CUTWORX USA. EngView Systems, a leading provider of packaging and display design solutions, teams up with CUTWORX USA, a producer of automatic cutting and finishing equipment, to offer a complete end-to-end solution for producing packaging and display structures. Customers can now bundle their Digital Finishing Equipment with EngView’s advanced packaging and display software. “CUTWORX has a full line of Digital Flatbed Cutters that can be equipped with a variety of tools for packaging and display producers. The EngView / CUTWORX bundle gives customers advanced user-friendly tools for a more accessible price point.” says Kris Hanchette, EngView’s VP for North America. Customers can now benefit from integrated workflow where EngView files feed directly CUTWORX Digital Flatbed Cutter, eliminating the need for manual file preparation, reducing overall production time, and minimizing the possibility for errors. Having the EngView / CUTWORX bundle saves time by automating the job setup process and increases productivity and profitability by having a multi-function end-to-end digital cutting solution. “We are excited about this new partnership with EngView. The headquarters of CUTWORX USA is in Irving, Texas and there we have a turnkey Technology Center for Wide-Format where we can demonstrate in front of the customers how one design goes from print, through cut and walk away with a finished product.” says Raum Divarco, CUTWORX USA General Manager.  
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  • The new release of EngView Package & Display Designer Suite 2023 to be presented at FESPA

    The new release of EngView Package & Display Designer Suite 2023 to be presented at FESPA

    The latest release 2023 of EngView Package & Display Designer Suite is set to debut at FESPA! Visitors can see a live demonstration of the new features and enhancements at our partner Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems’ booth A1-B30.The new version brings an array of exciting new features and functionalities like visualization of conical objects, easier set of angles, improved 3D modeling and presentation and more. Оf course we have added new parametric structures and components in our packaging library to utilize the conical shape visualization enhancements.Here is in more details what you can see in the latest release 2023 related to the 3D visualizations: Folding Panels into Cones and Cylinders: Now, you can fold panels along curves, enabling the design of conical and cylindrical surfaces. By preparing the design in 2D and setting the folding in the 3D drawing, you can create single-piece products like bottleneck labels, coffee cups, and party hats, or elements of multi-part structures. Enhanced Folding Angle Slider: The folding angle slider has been improved for better usability. It now provides more detailed information about the folding angle and allows for more precise adjustment. As-you-go Indication of User-Facing Side: The View Side button on the 3D toolbar serves a dual purpose now. In addition to positioning a panel facing the user, it dynamically indicates the panel that is currently facing you as you rotate the model, providing visual guidance. Combined Solid and Wireframe View: The new Solid Wired mode enables you to observe 3D models in combined solid and wireframe view. This mode emphasizes the model's edges, offering a clearer understanding of its structure. Isometric View without Perspective Effect: A new viewing mode called Isometric View removes the perspective effect and presents 3D models in a flat, simplified state. The EngView Packaging Library has been enriched with new designs and structures, expanding the possibilities for conical package design. Related to drafting precision:   Precise Drafting with Construction Grids: Constructing grids on objects enhances drafting precision. These grids serve as distance markers, allowing you to draft objects at exact distances with improved accuracy. Assisted Breaking of Overlapping Objects: When breaking overlapping objects, EngView now provides helpful hints to guide your decision-making process. The hints include information about the affected objects, such as their IDs, styles, and lengths, facilitating an informed choice. What’s new in Design Frame and Print Presentations: Black-and-White View for Snapshots: You can now set the view of black-and-white snapshots used in print drawings. Adjusting the settings in the 3D module enables you to customize the appearance of these snapshots, which are limited to the 3D area of print drawings. Fixed-Ratio Scaling of Print Parts: In addition to scaling groups of parts based on the larger part, a new technique allows you to apply a specific scaling ratio, such as 1:10 or 1:5, to the print parts you desire. This precise scaling offers more flexibility and control over your print designs. With the release of EngView Packaging Suite 2023, designers and professionals in the packaging and display industry can look forward to a more intuitive and powerful software experience.
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