New Functionalities of EngView Package & Display Designer Released

New Functionalities of EngView Package & Display Designer Released

A new release of EngView Package & Display Designer is available for download.


There is a new 2024.1.5 build of EngView Package & Display Designer.

Here are some of the newly added functionalities in this release:


Sheet size can be seen in the 1up or layout drawing, appearing at the sheet's border. 



Quick access to material name, type, and material thickness. The Front/Rear side marker, which displays the side you are working on, now offers a tooltip with quick reference to the following information: material name and current thickness; material type, and name and size of the applied sheet. To see the tooltip, position the mouse pointer over the marker.

Material Type

Copying 3D and 2D Drawings

When copying 2D drawings, you can opt for copying also the 3D drawings created from them.

Or, you can copy the 3D drawing — both of the entire 3D model with folding sequence and assembly animation and of individual parts. 

3 D Copy


Export to Video For Mobile

You can export video to mobile with a full HD resolution.


Our continuous release policy means that we are regularly updating and adding new functionalities to the EngView packaging software. 

If you are a subscriber or have a maintenance agreement, you can download the new version for free from the EngView website. If you want to try out the new version of EngView Package & Display Designer, you can get a 10-day free trial.

For more details about the updates, you can read in the Help section of the EngView packaging software.