EngView’s packaging software is integrated with Adobe Illustrator. The plug-in lets graphic designers easily apply artwork onto structural drawings. Verifying the results in the 3D environment happens quickly and without effort.

Just a click, and 3D PDF presentations of animated structures, completed with graphics and finishing effects are available. Users can inspect the product prototype and make changes on it immediately.

Designing an attention-grabbing packaging has never been so easy!

Adobe Illustrator Integration Presentation

Features & Benefits

  • Opening of native EngView files without conversion.
  • Resizing of designs directly in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Artwork placement over the structure and immediate inspection of the changes in 3D.
  • Support of replications - continuing the design over unconnected walls.
  • Application of finishing effects.
  • Switch between design variants(introducing articles: sets of front and rear artwork).
  • Switch to Package & Display Designer for structural changes.
  • Transfer of vector objects to the structural design.
  • Generation of 3D PDF and web 3D files.
  • Sharing of 3D design in a browser.

Included in Bundles