Parametric Drafting (Synergy)


EngView's parametric drafting module (Synergy) is a CAD tool for creating resizable structures by setting relations between objects when drawing. The functionality is based on an award-winning Variational and Parametric Design Technology, in which objects are drawn and modified by using parameters for various constructional characteristics.

The module helps structural designers draw parametric components from scratch that they can reuse when drawing or editing resizable designs for packaging and displays.

EngView Synergy Presentation

Features & Benefits

  • Typical geometrical shapes are designed as parametric components.

  • Components are drafted as free sketches. Synergy detects and keeps the geometric relations that define the shape.

  • The product features a large structured library of components. Designers are free to extend it with their own shapes.

  • Complex parametric structures are assembled by dragging simple individual components in a puzzlelike manner.

  • Editable material correction templates ensure that entire libraries are customized in one go.


  • A single component in EngView Synergy.

  • A compound component in EngView Synergy

  • A compound component used in a resizable design

  • A resizable design structure