Library of Displays


The EngView Library of displays and multipart structures includes over 500 resizable designs for corrugated board and rigid board materials. The 2D and 3D designs can be opened in the EngView CAD software or directly in Adobe Illustrator, where graphic designers can create the artwork and generate production files with high resolution images. The library is regularly updated with the latest industry-endorsed structures and materials.


Library of Displays Presentation

Features & Benefits

  • POP/POS structures come as free-standing displays, counter displays, walls, stands, furniture.

  • Designs can be resized by simply filling in parameters that synchronize all drawings within the multipart structure.

  • Design recalculation takes place automatically after material thickness is changed. This minimizes design time and eliminates repetition-induced errors.

  • Multiple-material structures are featured.

  • 3D folding sequences are integrated into display library designs for complete presentations. They can also be used for assembly instructions.

Packaging Designs

  • Corrugated Displays
  • ICB Displays

Corrugated Displays

  • Juice Display

  • Shelf Display

  • Perfume Display

  • Stairs Display

  • Cosmetics Display

  • Yoghurt Display

  • Wine Display

  • Hanger Display


  • Browsing corrugated displays

  • Browsing inverted corrugated board displays

  • 2D and 3D previews of a corrugated display

  • 2D and 3D previews of a inverted corrugated board structure

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