Stripping Dies Design


With the EngView’s packaging software you can generate the tools — male and female stripping dies, as well as a front stripper — that push the waste material off the dieboard so that only the usable, non-waste, material remains.

The stripping dies are generated after the definition of the die contours. Generally, the male and the female stripping dies are generated simultaneously; however, each one of them can be generated also separately.

Stripping Dies Design Presentation

Features & Benefits

  • The generation of the stripping dies takes place automatically — by a single click the complete set of stripping rules and tools are generated in both the male and the female dies.

  • Adding supplementary stripping tools — wooden bars or additional front stripper pieces — is done automatically. Once they are attached in the male die, their matching components appear automatically in the female one.


  • Generating male stripping dies

  • Generating female stripping dies

  • A layout of the female stripping bridges

  • A layout of the male stripping bridges