Counterplate Design


One of the EngView’s packaging software capabilities is the assisting and automating the design of pertinax counterplates.

In Package Designer Suite, the design of a counterplate is technologically linked with the design of the cutting die. The connection between the design of the die and the counterplate takes place in the initial 1up design. In it, special indicators (markers) are placed which ensure the correct positioning of the counterplate against the cutting die.

Because of the high-quality of the resultant creasing, the use of counterplates guarantees that the cut packaging will meet superior design requirements.

Counterplate Design Presentation

Features & Benefits

  • Counterplates are generated automatically according to predefined rules.

  • Smooth transition to the CAM module for optimal machine manufacturing.

  • Counterplates are customized according to customer specifics.

  • NC code is generated for the router cutting of the designed pertinax counterplates.


  • Attached counterplate holes

  • Preview of a counterplate design

  • A 120◦ toolpath

  • A layout of counterplate parts