The CAM module offers producers full control of all makes and models of cutting plotters, lasers and waterjets used within the industry. The functionality finds the optimum tool path in order to minimize cutting time. It associates objects based on their style(cutting, creasing, etc.) with the corresponding tools(cutting knife, creasing wheel and others). The software provides an animation of the cutting process, tracing the tool path. This is important as a final verification step before cutting.

CAM Presentation

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized numerical code is generated for samplemaking and cutting machines.

  • The module supports all makes and models of machines used across the industry.

  • The CAM module offers options for choosing a processing side (front, rear).

  • Job estimation can be carried out for each project.

  • The software can make gaps for nicks.

  • Drawings bigger than the CNC machine working area can be processed by splitting them into parts.

  • The user can modify the tool path by setting cutting directions at critical areas to ensure the quality of the sample.


  • Tool path generation and samplemaking

  • Splitting a project for part-by-part cutting

  • Modifying tool path by setting cutting directions

  • Generating numerical code