Layout Optimizer


The Layout Optimizer module allows packaging producers to place one-up designs onto the sheet through a step-by-step wizard or automatically based on predefined templates. The software provides statistics about the waste area and offers comparison between alternative solutions.

If the producer wants to optimize the production runs for two or more one-ups or one-ups with different artworks in the same sheet, they can use the single sheet nesting.  The software shows statistics for each part and provides optimization hints based on the quantities for each one-up. Producers can manually readjust the layout with the collision prevention functionality making sure that the structures do not overlap and stay within the sheet area.

Single-sheet Nesting Presentation

Features & Benefits

  • Optimize digital and offset production runs.

  • Step-by-step wizard that arranges the one-up designs in array (in columns and rows).

  • Analyses the predefined templates applied on different sheet sizes and arranges the layouts by the least waste area.

  • Fit more than two one-ups in a single sheet.

  • The software suggests how to optimize the production run by adding more or less parts of a certain one-up in order to reduce the number of sheets.

  • See statistics of one-ups quantities, number of sheets and excess.

  • Have different artworks for the same structure in a single sheet.

  • Manually adjust the layout by grouping similar artwork for print.


  • Step-by-step wizzard

  • Automatic wizzard -- template based

  • Single-sheet nesting

  • Optimized layout after using collision prevention and swap fuctionality