Display Nesting


The Nesting Layout is a layout optimizer in which multipart POP/POS displays are automatically arranged on the sheet.

You can start producing a single display or whole series of the same directly after you have agreed on its structure and design in 3D. You need only generate layouts out of its components, send them to a cutter to be cut, and then assemble the cut components into actual displays. The entire process can begin directly from the 3D drawing.

A list of automatic array variants ranked by least-waste criteria offers a set of choices for the best technological case.



Nesting Layout Presentation

Features & Benefits

  • The program keeps track of the materials of the POP/POS displays designs.

  • Sizes are stored of the available sheets for each used material.

  • Flute direction is taken into account.

  • Production runs are calculated automatically.

  • For materials, information about the necessary sheets and array types are available.

  • Special drawings are created to serve as basis of production instruments.

  • A preview is available of the chosen variants helping the final choice.


  • Setting production run and sheets

  • Sheet choice as ranked by waste percentage

  • Sheet choice as ranked by waste percentage

  • Sheet choice overview