Drafting with Parametric Components


The Drafting module offers a set of tools that covers the entire process of drawing and editing a structural design. EngView's packaging software includes a rich library of drag-and-drop parametric components, making design creation easier and smarter than ever before.

All components resize automatically relative to the structure they are snapped to.

Drafting with Parametric Components Presentation

Features & Benefits

  • Library of Parametric Components with predefined tops and bottoms, tongue locking systems, individual parametric shapes like rectangles, trapezium, holes, etc.

  • Smart drafting with drag & drop and snap-to-size components.

  • Support of structural, graphical and auxiliary layers.

  • Predefined extendable catalogs of styles and materials with their properties.

  • Assistant for fixing drafting errors.

  • Customizable braille and vector fonts.


  • Customizing a design by using a parametric compound component

  • Snapping the lock to the design base

  • Selecting a tongue locking system from the Synergy Components Library

  • Attaching the tongue locking system to the base