EngView Project Organizer


EngView Project Organizer is a product data management (PDM) system, part of the EngView’s packaging software. It is a standalone application that organizes in one database all files, designs and the entire customer relationship history. It manages the process of creation, editing, and archiving of information, files, and documents that relate to customers and their orders. The system allows everyone at a company to keep track of the work process for each order, to send e-mails directly, and to generate reports needed for the overall management.

Project Organizer assists designers in their work with the Suite’s CAD/CAM products; it is fully integrated with the EngView's packaging software in a combination that merges the full control over the design work with the ability for immediate response to changes in customers' specifications. 

EngView Project Organizer Presentation

Features & Benefits

  • Manages and tracks the creation, editing and archiving of all information, files and documents related to customer projects.

  • Business processes, client orders and order-related information and files are grouped according to project specifics.

  • Each project groups its CAD files, drawings, e-mails and other associated documents.

  • Support is available of various database management systems, among them SQL (Server), MySQL, Oracle and MS Access.

  • Effective decision making is helped by generation of reports from projects.


  • Project Organizer preview

  • Projects' information form

  • Filtering customers' orders by time

  • The reporting system of the Project Organizer tool