The EngView Library of resizable packaging standards has accumulated over 1 500 parametric designs for folding carton, corrugated board, grey board and PVC. The full ECMA and FEFCO codes have been parametrized and included in the Library among many others.

Each design from the Library can be opened in EngView’s packaging CAD or directly in Adobe Illustrator. All parametric standards are ready to be used as they are or they can be resized and edited. The predefined 3D model, which is part of each parametric design, gives users the ability to visually proof the design and the modifications they do over the structure. To have this ability a 3D Presenter module must be included into the software configuration.


Library of Parametric Designs Presentation

Features & Benefits

  • А parametric library available both in millimeters and inches.
  • Integrated Index file with sections for different materials.
  • Support of the ECMA and FEFCO standard designs.
  • Resizing and automatic structural modification by parameter editing.
  • Predefined 3D models of parametric designs.
  • Integration with Adobe Illustrator allows opening resizable designs directly in the graphic software
  • Visualization of folding of curved creases like in pillow pack.

Packaging Designs

Included in Bundles